Accelerating the impact of your business's top performers and executives

  • Develop high-achieving individuals in your organisation
  • Provide them with the tools, skills, and confidence they need to succeed in leadership positions
  • Ensure their retention in the business with the investment of Hi-Po

Research has found that 70% of todays high-performers lack the critical attributes essential for future success

One in every four high-potential employees has been known to leave the business within a year of joining due to a lack of development and training.

SME business owners struggle to develop the next generation as they rise through the ranks, often failing to recognise high performers.

We tend to make misguided assumptions about our high performers often either taking no action or taking action that may even hinder their development.

As business owners we often make misguided assumptions about our high performers, either failing to take action or taking actions that actually hinder their development.

Both inevitably lead to negative outcomes for the business and may cause unnecessary turbulence when key players start seeking out alternative opportunities with adequate development opportunities.

Hi-Po addresses this issue by taking on the responsibility of preparing your top talent for the businesses biggest problems

Invest in your business by elevating your employees, leading to better business performance and growth potential. The two-year programme focuses on key topics to encourage practical implementation, and keep executives engaged for long-term success.

The following individuals will benefit from Hi-Po:

  • ​High-impact, top-performing individuals
  • ​Senior executives
  • ​Senior middle managers with 3 – 10 years of experience

While individual participants are welcome, it is beneficial for several Hi-Po managers within the same organisations to come together to create a joint impact.

Your team will learn to embrace and excel in leadership positions

The High Potential (Hi-Po) Management Programme has one clear intention: to achieve significant improvements in your teams performance by helping your key players reach their full potential and engagement levels.

Our two-year training and development programme is designed to prepare high-performing individuals for the challenges, and opportunities, that arise in new leadership roles through a suite of resources and training including monthly mentorship (both virtual and physical), leadership development access to The Academy, and strategic planning.

The individuals who show the most potential in your business require the correct guidance and nurture to thrive. The Hi-Po programme, led by industry experts, provides access to the best business minds in the market.

The programme breakdown: An entire suite of resources and tools available for long-term success

 12 Training Modules & Workshops

(held every two months)

Over the course of two years, our programme places emphasis on developing twelve essential leadership and management competencies, through immersive in-person training.

Participants will acquire the skills necessary to make well-informed decisions, effectively navigate organisational change, strategically communicate, and inspire their teams to success.

 Access to The Academy training vault

(on-the-go digital learning)

Your executives will also gain access to The Academy, a knowledge bank with over two hundred hours of tailored content in the form of an online training platform.

Your executives will have dynamic training modules to complete and catch up on outside of the classroom, with access to a wide range of useful downloads and templates.

 12 Live Coaching Calls

(virtual, held every two months)

To ensure optimal implementation and accountability, we have scheduled twelve live coaching calls in between each physical workshop.

The subjects covered in these coaching calls are thoroughly detailed and engaging, making them an excellent opportunity for participants to maximise their learning experience, and leverage collective intelligence.

 Certificate of Achievement

(awarded upon completion of the programme)

Completing the course not only equips participants with essential leadership and management skills but also presents them with tangible proof of their accomplishment.

A course completion certificate is a document that formally recognises and acknowledges a participant's successful completion of a programme. It serves as a validation of their hard work and effort.

Studies show 21% of employees are "highly disengaged

Highly disengaged employees, who are typically high-potential individuals, pose a significant challenge for companies as their discretionary effort can be up to 50% lower than that of their colleagues with average engagement.

To prevent this issue, it is imperative for companies to invest in their employees, especially their rising stars, and equip them with the necessary tools, skills, and confidence to tackle the company's most significant challenges.

Identifying and recognising these high-potential employees early on is crucial for keeping them engaged and motivated. Once you have identified these individuals, have them attend our High-Potential Management Programme.

Scale your operations and transform your executives 

if you're eager to scale your operations and achieve growth but are feeling stuck facing the common and frustrating challenge of not knowing how to transform your executives into future leaders, it's time to take action.

Take on new challenges and drive innovation within your business by investing in your employees

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Retain superstars

Retaining high-achieving staff and top-performing executives is crucial for the success and growth of any business. These employees bring continuity, consistency, knowledge, and skills to the organisation.

6 (1).png

Upskill management 

A well-trained management team can make better decisions, motivate employees, and create efficient processes. It also helps managers stay current with trends, technologies, and strategies.

8 (1).png

Build leaders

Developing leaders is crucial for business owners as it enables effective delegation, fosters innovation, aids succession planning, promotes employee engagement and retention.

Make your employees feel invested in

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"Lots of tools to improve efficiency"

"Time away from the work to reflect; lots of tools to improve efficiency, introduction to new ways of thinking about issues."

- Aoife Ni Luanuagh, Research Director, Market Research

"My whole whole dynamic on managing staff and getting the best out of them has changed"

"Crucial skills to advance to the next step. The programme has given me the confidence to approach situations where displaying different traits would result in better outcomes. It has changed my whole dynamic on managing staff and getting the best out of them. "

- Steven Parker, Branch Manager, Roofing Supplies

"I found the programme brilliant"

"I found the Programme brilliant. Lots of learnings, small group and lots of activities that kept me engaged the whole time."

- Balinder Kaur, Managing Director, Estate Agency

"Has improved the quality of my decision-making"

"Provides structure to aid and improve the quality of my decision-making across a range of aspects, including performance, strategy and finance. A great balance of learning theory and interactive discussions."

- Andrew Skone James, Director, Market Research

"Training that can be used in real situations"

"Covers topics that relate to day-to-day management challenges"

- Steve Wells, Area Manager, Roofing Supplies

"Knowledge I can pass on to the whole team"

"I manage a wide team, so not only helped me with my personal style but has also given me knowledge that I can pass on to my team."

- Asha Sodha, Chief Operating Officer, Retail Francis

"What I have learned will help with staff-management"

"The training is on multiple relevant topics. Some will help day-to-day businesses and others with specific issues. What I have learned will help with staff management."

- Adam Ronan, Branch Manager, Roofing Supplies

"Protected time to focus on learning"

"Protected time to focus on learning; hearing from other industries, reinforces and refreshes on good practices."

- Karen Tapp, Operations Manager, Education

"So many golden nugget I can use everyday!"

"The programme has impacted me in everyday management style and attitude. So many golden nuggest!"

- Robert Beer, Manager, Ecommerce

Year 1 Learning Modules of Hi-Po

What participants will learn

Module 1: Self-Awareness

  • Raised self-awareness
  • ​Understanding the different personality types
  • ​Learning and behavioural styles 
  • ​Enhanced team performance with leadership and management principles
  • ​Better strategic planning

Module 2: Strategy & Planning

  • Greater leadership
  • Stronger strategic alignment
  • Upgraded systems & strategic thinking
  • Improved operational execution planning

Module 3: Time Management

  • Boosted time-management and productivity techniques 
  • ​Clear communication
  • ​Improved delegation and team performance skills
  • How to run productive meetings
  • ​How to plan and prioritise 

Module 4: Effective Communication

  • Improved communication and presentation skills
  • How to engage an audience with presentations
  • How to handle difficult conversations
  • ​Finer listening skills for interpersonal communication 
  • How to be confident and professional

Module 5: Performance Management

  • An understanding of performance management
  • ​Key performance indicators 
  • ​Improved team performance attributes
  • ​How to evaluate team meeting performance
  • How to provide greater training and support
  • ​Increased motivation

Module 6: Commercial Understanding

  • Better business performance with measurable objectives
  • Simplified performance tracking
  • ​How to identify financial drivers
  • Improved performance monitoring
  • ​Key numbers and ratios
  • ​Effective change management

Year 2 Learning Modules of Hi-Po

What participants will learn

Module 1: Emotional Intelligence

  • Listening skills and empathy 
  • ​EQ & IQ elements 
  • ​Self regulation and social skills
  • ​Introduction into the CARES model
  • Creative tension (setting goals and staying on track)
  • ​Goal attainment strategy – Juggling (use the skills taught in emotional intelligence)
  • Active choice (Stimulus – Response vs Stimulus – Choice – Response)
  • Emotions and complex decision-making​

Module 2: Decision-Making

  • How to identify decision-making traps
  • ​​Enhanced decision-making techniques
  • ​Understanding of daily decision-making
  • ​The option evaluation method
  • ​How to overcome difficult obstacles

Module 3: Problem-Solving

  • ​The 'clear problem' definition​
  • ​The critical thinking frameworks 
  • ​5 steps to problem solving 
  • ​Assumptions and biases
  • ​Root cause analysis
  • Complex problem-solving
  • ​Reframing​ from new perspectives and find more effective solutions

Module 4: Change Management

  • Stakeholder strategy 
  • ​Leading change techniques
  • ​Adaptability & resilience 

Module 5: Negotiation Skills

  • Negotiation gambits
  • ​Outcomes Vs. positions
  • ​Creativity & emotions

Module 6: Creativity & Innovation

  • ​Cognition, knowledge & creativity
  • ​Testing & measuring  
  • ​Innovation models and processes

Introducing your Hi-Po module trainers

Tarek Bahig

Amol Maheshwari

Ian Smith

Shweta Jhajharia

Ishan Dutta

Mark Morgan

 We offer a No-Risk Trial & Guarantee 

Investing in the development of your employees is a savvy move and we've got you covered with our Hi-Po Programme  guarantee.

If a participant decides to leave the company while enrolled into the programme, you can simply replace their seat with a suitable candidate of your choice. 

Confidently invest in your team's growth and watch them blossom into the influential leaders your business needs.

To learn more about the programme, kindly submit your details below to request additional information.

"Implementation is making my life easier and freeing up time for me to focus ON the business"

"Brilliant way of learning different techniques; it is helping me change my thinking. I can see that the implementation is making my life easier and freeing up time for me to focus ON the business."

- Dominic Pidgeon, Branch Manager, Roofing Supplies

"I believe I'll be more comfortable when presenting to prospects and also when dealing with difficult conversations at work"

"It is teaching me how to use a variety of tools to tackle different challenges and is exposing me to different ways of thinking. It allows me to listen to my fellow peers. As a result of this programme I believe I'll be more comfortable when presenting to prospects and also when dealing with difficult conversations at work".

- Barbara Heidke, Head of Corporate Accounts, Language Services

"Lots of ideas on how I could make more impact in the workplace"

Time out of the office to sit back and consider workplace issues with other perspectives - introductions to lots of different tools and models to try out. Lots of ideas on how I could make more impact in my workplace."

- Katie Oldfield, Business Development Manager, Market Research

Frequently Asked Questions:

+What are the workshop group sizes?

12 - 16 participants.

+If you have to introduce more people to the programme, when can they join?

They will immediatly be onboarded to the programme and can join alongside your existing participants. If this means that the participation per session exceeds the optimal max number for training, they can slot in alongside the next group.

+How do I identify the people who should go through this training?

This is a learning and development programme for executives in roles of increasing responsibility. The program is designed for high-impact, top-performing individuals. They are usually your senior executives and senior middle managers, with 3-10 years of experience. They are team members that are likely already doing well and have been identified as being the current or future leaders in the organisation.

+Where are the sessions held?

Either online or at our London-based offices. We prefer face-to-face training, however we do have international clients that we conduct the training for online.

+Can the programme be customised for our organization?

Our programme is specifically set out and designed to meet all the necessary requirements to develop management and leadership skills. This programme has a logic and philosophy according to which it has been built that we would prefer not to disrupt the initial process, however we can absolutely customise modules to fit your business requirements (e.g Organisational Behaviour).